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New regulations and an increased focus on compliance mean pharma clients need a greater level of operational maturity, presenting a specific growth opportunity for medical communications agencies

Pharmagin provides robust, proven IT and support to deliver complete Speaker Management Programs and Advisory Boards, including budgeting, planning, program logistics, custom client speaker and web portals, as well as capturing critical data feedback from all attendees throughout the workflow process. This data provides the key insights needed by your clients to measure successful programs and enables agencies to guide your clients to best practices.

By automating and consolidating many of these traditionally spreadsheet-based/custom database processes, Pharmagin enables agencies to focus on having the right speakers, honing the message, inviting the right HCP’s and delivering effective results.

“Pharmagin provides our agency with scalability, flexibility and efficiency by simplifying the program process. That lets us focus on our core competencies of arranging speakers and developing industry messaging.”

- Executive VP, Client Services –

Complete Your Agency Offering With Pharmagin

Agency Benefits

Eliminate the chaos of managing a vast array of branded programs, and manage from a few to thousands of speaker programs a year at scale.

  • Provide quality support to clients including facilitating custom technology requests

  • Venue management including logistics, budgets, spend and payments

  • Invite HCP attendees and capture key information for compliance and real world data feedback

  • Provide support for speakers including scheduling, travel logistics, expense reporting and up-to-date honoraria contract status

Looking to Scale Your Agency’s Business and Capabilities?

Pharmagin provides an unmatched technology advantage

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Help your client achieve program objectives, effortlessly

  • Actionable, real-time attendee, speaker, sales rep feedback and attendance analytics

  • Instant visibility to compliance data (e.g. speaker honoraria against contract, transfer of value to attendees)

  • Automated client reporting and analytics

  • Manage overall program budget automatically (e.g. regionally wait-list programs based on budget)

Ultimately, make your agency indispensable to your client

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